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Wing Tchun.Escrima.Antigrappling

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Wing Tchun, Escrima, Antigrapplingu and Tui Shou trainings in different parts of the city: Center, Lasnamäe, Kalamaja, Viimsi.


From the age of 8. Wing Tchun, Tui Shou and пeneral physical training. Camps, tournaments and exams. Center, Lasnamäe, Kalamaja, Viimsi.


We offer students the opportunity to test their technique and spirit on WingTchun, knives, escrima and tui shou tournaments at national and European level


Dmitry Stashevich – 30 years of coaching

Dmitry was engaged in various kinds of martial arts (1986-2000) wrestling, sambo, judo, karate, wushu (bajiquan, houquan), trained athletes for MMA, since 2000 – Wing Chun.
7 Wushu level (master-coach), Estonian Olympic Comitee
4 master level in Wing Tchun system, PWTF

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The history of the club began in 1986. For 30 years of practice the pupils became champions in different disciplines:

  • ММА(1999): 3 Champions on Estonia
  • Unifight World Championship (2004): 4 place
  • Wing Tchun, Chi-Sao Estonian Championships: 40 gold, 26 silver, 19 bronze
  • Tuishou fixed/moving, Estonia, Latvia Champ.: 80 gold, 20 silver, 10 bronze
  • Taolu, European Championship (2015, Bulgaria): 2 gold, 1 bronze
  • TuiShou moving step, European Championship (2016, Moscow): 2 gold, 1 silver
  • Knife Fight, European championships (2016-2017): 6 silver, 4 bronze

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Feedback from the pupils and tournament participants

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